Version 2021

Scan Barcodes to Prompt Dossiers and Documents

This page is only applicable to Library Mobile for Android.

If you want to use the Barcode Reader prompt for MicroStrategy Mobile, see Introductions to Prompts for Mobile Devices.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 6, you can automatically execute a dossier by scanning a barcode on your Android device. You can use this functionality to gather more information about products while shopping in a store, or while preparing shipments.

A Bardcode Reader prompt must be created and defined in MicroStrategy Web prior to scanning.

Check out the video below to learn more!

One Prompt with Barcode

  1. Select a dossier with a Barcode Reader prompt configured.

  2. If this is your first time scanning a barcode, you must grant the app permission to access your camera.

  3. Scan the barcode. The inputs the data into the prompt.

    The dossier or document is automatically executed.

Multiple Prompts With Barcode

  1. Select a dossier with multiple prompts configured.

  2. Tap the barcode icon next to one of the prompts to invoke the scanner.

  3. Scan the barcode. You are returned to the prompt page, where you can enter data for any other prompt.

  4. Tap Run to execute the dossier.

Re-Prompt a Dossier

You can scan other barcodes after executing the dossier by tapping More Re-Prompt .