Version 2021

Introduction to Dossiers

A dossier is an interactive display that you can create to showcase and explore business data. You can add visual representations of the data (that is, called visualizations) to the dossier to make your data easier to interpret, perform manipulations on the data to customize which information to display, and organize data into multiple chapters and pages to provide a logical flow to your dossier. You can quickly and easily create a polished dossier without requiring a lot of design time.

Perform the following tasks to build your dossier:

  • Add data to a dossier by importing data from a file, database, or the results of a custom database query (that is, Freeform script).
  • Add other objects, such as text, images, and Web content to the dossier. In addition, you can create new attributes, metrics, and groups of attribute elements, based on existing objects.
  • Drag and drop attributes and metrics to display data, create filters, group data, and more. You can also maximize the amount of space available for data display by viewing dashboards in Presentation Mode.

See Introduction to Visualizations for more information about the available types of visualizations.