Version 2021

Create Reports in Library Web

Starting in the MicroStrategy 2021 Update 8, the ability to create and edit reports is shipped out-of-the-box.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 7, administrators can enable authoring of reports in Library Web. This preview feature allows users to create and edit reports. We also added an Advanced Properties panel, SQL view in pause mode, more formatting options, customized subtotals, and support for transformations, consolidations and custom groups. All that on top of the functionality available from previous releases. To enable this preview feature, see Enable Reports in Library Web.

Preview features are early versions of features and are not to be used in a production environment as the core behavior remain subject to change between preview and GA. By selecting to expose preview features, you can access these features and use them as you would any other functionality. The official versions of preview features are included in subsequent releases.

Check out the video below to learn more!

  1. Click Create New and choose Report.

  2. If connected to multiple projects, select a project.

  3. In the Objects panel, search for objects and drag them to the Editor panel.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Select the location and name.

  6. Click Save.