MicroStrategy ONE

How to Link a User to a Windows User

If you use Windows 2003 as your network operating system and your users are already defined in a 2003 directory, then you can enable Windows authentication in MicroStrategy to allow users access without having to enter their login information.

To use Windows authentication you must create users in the MicroStrategy environment and then link them to Windows users. For detailed information about linking MicroStrategy users to Windows users, see the Authentication section of the System Administration Help.

The Apple Safari web browser does not support Windows authentication with MicroStrategy Web.

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)
  2. Hover over the Properties column and click Open Intelligence Server Administration Portal .
  3. ClickUser Manager. A list of the user groups that reside on the Intelligence Server appears.
  4. Select the group that contains the user to modify.
  5. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon for the user to modify. The User Editor opens.
  6. On the Authentication tab, enter the user's Windows user name in the Windows login field.
  7. Click OK.

To remove the link to a Windows user, clear the user name from the Windows login field and click OK. The user now cannot use Windows authentication to access a project source.

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