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How to Link a User to an LDAP User

When you import or link a MicroStrategy user to an LDAP user, you are mapping a MicroStrategy user to a user defined in your LDAP repository. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication identifies users within a repository of users stored in an LDAP server (such as Novell Directory Services).

If you use an LDAP directory to centrally manage users in your environment, you may want to use LDAP authentication. Group membership can be maintained in the LDAP directory without having to also be defined in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.

When using LDAP authentication, LDAP users or groups are mapped to users or groups in the MicroStrategy environment. You determine to which MicroStrategy users or groups they are mapped:

  • Import users or groups from the LDAP store into MicroStrategy; the mapping is done automatically
  • Link them manually using the User Editor or Group Editor
  • Link them using commands in MicroStrategy Command Manager
  • Allow temporary links to the LDAP Public group that has limited privileges as a default

How to Link a User to an LDAP User

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)
  2. Hover over the Properties column and click Open Intelligence Server Administration Portal .
  3. Click User Manager . A list of the user groups that reside on the Intelligence Server appears.
  4. Select the group that contains the user to modify.
  5. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon for the user to modify. The User Editor opens.
  6. On the Authentication tab, enter the user's LDAP distinguished name (DN) in the LDAP Login field.
  7. Click OK.

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