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mstrio: Simple and Secure Access to MicroStrategy Data

MicroStrategy for Jupyter Extension is no longer developed and supported and was removed from the mstrio-py package in March 2024. You can still use the mstrio-py library and all its current and upcoming features.

mstrio provides a high-level interface for Python and is designed to give data scientists, developers, and administrators simple and secure access to their MicroStrategy environment. It wraps MicroStrategy REST APIs into simple workflows, allowing users to fetch data from cubes and reports, create new datasets, add new data to existing datasets, and manage Users/User Groups, Servers, Projects, and more. Since it enforces MicroStrategy’s user and object security model, you don’t need to worry about setting up separate security rules.

With mstrio-py for data science, it’s easy to integrate cross-departmental, trustworthy business data in machine learning workflows and enable decision-makers to take action on predictive insights in MicroStrategy Reports, Dashboards, HyperIntelligence Cards, and customized, embedded analytical applications.

With mstrio-py for system administration, it’s easy to minimize costs by automating critical, time-consuming administrative tasks, even enabling administrators to leverage the power of Python to address complex administrative workflows for maintaining a MicroStrategy environment.

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