Usage Remarks

  • It is recommended NOT to use Anaconda environment. Please see Installation section below for details.

  • Currently it is not possible to use mstrio-py package to update cubes created via Web. Unfortunately it is not possible to use any REST API endpoint to check whether cube was created via Web or via REST API to provide some warning. In case of seeing one of the following error messages it is most probable that cube was created via Web and REST API can’t handle its update, so if you want to update this particular cube you have to use Web.

When we tried to map the new dataset, we detected that some columns are missing or the data type changed, etc.
We could not obtain the data because the DB connection changed and the table does not exist anymore.
  • When trying to download a big IMDB Cube (or a Report based on such Cube) on multi-node environment, sometimes the process may fail. This is due to the characteristic of data retrieval of IMDB Cubes with connection to more than one node on iServer. For now, known workaround is to log out and just simply try again. This type of issue can be identified when seeing any of the following error messages during work with IMDB Cube on multi-node environment:

Cube cannot be found.

(even if previously it was found without issue)

Error getting cube metadata information. I-Server Error ERR001, (ServiceManager: XML syntax error.)