• Python 3.10+

  • MicroStrategy 2019 Update 4 (11.1.4)+

MicroStrategy for Jupyter

Note: MicroStrategy for Jupyter is accessible only to users with assigned Microstrategy privileges: Use Application Jupyter and Use Library Web. For more details, please refer to Microstrategy licensing.

Install the mstrio-py Package

Note: it is NOT recommended to install mstrio-py in an Anaconda environment. For a seamless experience, install and run it in Python’s virtual environment instead.

Installation is easy when using pip. Read more about installation on MicroStrategy’s product documentation.

pip install mstrio-py

Enable the Jupyter Notebook extension

Once mstrio-py is installed you can install and enable the Jupyter Notebook extension by using the commands below:

jupyter nbextension install connector-jupyter --py --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable connector-jupyter --py --sys-prefix