Versioning & Changelog

Current version: (22 March 2024). Check out **Changelog** to see what’s new.

mstrio-py is constantly developed to support newest MicroStrategy REST APIs. Functionalities may be added to mstrio on monthly basis. It is recommended to always install the newest version of mstrio-py, as it will be most stable and still maintain backwards compatibility with various MicroStrategy installations, dating back to 11.1.4.

Features that will be added to the package but require APIs not supported by your environment (I-Server), will raise VersionException.

mstrio-py can be used for both, data-science related activities and for administrative tasks. Former requires at least MicroStrategy 2019 Update 4 (11.1.4), latter works with 11.2.1 and higher.

If you intend to use mstrio with MicroStrategy version older than 11.1.4, refer to the PyPI package archive to download mstrio 10.11.1, which is supported on:

  • MicroStrategy 2019 (11.1)

  • MicroStrategy 2019 Update 1 (11.1.1)

  • MicroStrategy 2019 Update 2 (11.1.2)

  • MicroStrategy 2019 Update 3 (11.1.3)

Refer to the PyPI package archive for a list of available versions.

To install a specific, archived version of mstrio, choose the desired version available on PyPI package archive and install with pip, as follows:

pip install mstrio-py==10.11.1