Version 2021

Provide Statistical Analysis from R Analytics

You can perform statistical analysis in MicroStrategy Workstation using R analytics. Once an R script is deployed to MicroStrategy Workstation as a derived metric, the statistical analysis can be added to and analyzed on visualizations. An example of trend analysis is shown below.

MicroStrategy Workstation supports the deployment of R analytics from the R statistical environment as derived metrics. R is an open-source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. The third-party R environment is freely available, as a separate download.

The MicroStrategy R Integration Pack must be installed and configured on the same machine as MicroStrategy Workstation.

The dossier on which you create the derived metric for the R script must contain the metrics required to support the statistical analysis. If an R script requires three inputs to define the target, trend, and season for a statistical analysis, the dossier must include three metrics that can supply the data for those three inputs.

  1. Open the dossier you want to modify.
  2. At the top of the Datasets panel, click More and choose Create Metric. The Metric Formula Editor opens.
  3. Type a name for the metric in the Metric Name field.
  4. Copy the metric expression, that describes the R script, from the deployR utility of the R Integration Pack.
  5. Paste the metric expression into the Formula field.
  6. Map all of the inputs for the metric expression, which are included in parentheses and separated by commas at the end of the metric expression, to metrics available in the dossier. Each input must map to one metric in the dossier.
  7. Click Save.

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