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Template Editor

The Template Editor allows you to create and modify report templates. A template defines the layout of general categories of information in a report. You can use this editor to specify the information that you want to retrieve from the data warehouse, as well as determine how you want that data to be displayed. Once you create a report template, you can then build numerous reports based on this template, saving you time.

Before you begin using the Template Editor, you should:

  • Know the report needs of your end users

  • Be familiar with the different template layouts

  • Know the rules for template object placement

For an introduction to report templates, see About report templates. For instructions to create a report template, see Creating a stand-alone template. For additional information, see the Advanced Reporting Help.

Template Editor contents

The Template Editor comprises the following sections:

  • Menu bar: Contains the menus that provide the functionality for the Template Editor. Use these options to build report templates.

  • Toolbar: Displays icons for the primary tools available from the menus, allowing quick access to your most commonly used functionality. Display or hide toolbars by selecting them from the View menu.

  • Object Browser: Provides the means to search for, and select objects that are part of active projects. A primary tool when creating or modifying reports or report component objects. To display the Object Browser, from the View menu select Object Browser.

  • Shortcut Bar: Contains shortcut icons to commonly used folders such as My Personal Objects, Public Objects, and Attributes in the default group displayed as My Shortcuts. You can also customize the Shortcut Bar by adding, renaming, and deleting groups and folders. To display the Shortcut Bar, from the View menu select Shortcuts.

    The Shortcut Bar cannot be displayed unless the Object Browser is displayed.

  • Template definition: Allows you to specify what objects you want as part of a report and how you want information to be displayed.

Accessing the Template Editor

You can open the empty Template Editor to create a new report template, or you can open an existing template within the Template Editor to modify the existing template. Both procedures are below.

Before you can access this editor, you must first log in to a project.

To open the Template Editor to create a new report template

  1. In MicroStrategy Developer, from the File menu, point to New, and then choose Template. See Creating a template.

  2. If the New Template dialog box is displayed, you can select an existing template to base your new template on.

  3. If you are using Object Templates, you are prompted to choose an object template before the editor opens.

To open the Template Editor to modify an existing template

  1. From the MicroStrategy Developer Folder List, navigate to your template.

  2. Right-click the template you want to edit and choose Edit. The Template Editor opens with the template displayed.

For ideas on designing a report template, see the Report Editor procedures. Most of the tasks that can be performed in the Report Editor when designing an individual report, can also be performed on a template.

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