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Creating an object template

Object templates allow you to start with a predefined structure when creating a new object. An object template can contain the definition of the object (such as the metric formula or the objects on a report) and properties (such as metric formatting or report data options). You can also create a blank object template, which does not contain a definition. Blank object templates allow you to set default formatting and other properties on a project level for new objects. For background information and examples of object templates and blank object templates, see About object templates.

If you have privileges to create new MicroStrategy objects, you can create an object template on which to base new objects of the same type.

To be used as an object template, the object must be saved in the Object Templates folder. This is the only difference between an object and an object template (like a metric and a metric object template).

To create an object template

  1. To be used as an object template, the object must be saved in the Object Templates folder, which is a hidden folder. To see it, you must have hidden objects displayed, as described in the steps below:

    1. From the Tools menu, choose DeveloperPreferences. The MicroStrategy Developer Preferences dialog box opens.

    2. Expand the Developer folder, and click Browsing.

    3. At the bottom of the dialog box on the right, select Display Hidden Objects.

    4. Click OK. You should now see the Object Templates folder in your project list.

  2. Create one of the following objects to use as a template:

    • Template (A template defines the layout of general categories of information in a report. It does not include filter information. For more information, see About report templates.)

  3. Save the object in the corresponding object templates folder. The next time you create a new object, if object templates are activated (see Enabling object templates), this new template is displayed in the New Object dialog box.

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