MicroStrategy ONE

Enabling object templates

Object templates are a predefined structure for creating a new object. To use object templates for a particular type of object (such as metric or report), object templates must be enabled for that object type, as described in the procedure below.

Enabling object templates for reports also enables object templates for Intelligent Cubes. In addition, users can now create reports that access Intelligent Cubes, MDX cube sources, or Freeform Sources, and Intelligent Cubes that access MDX cube sources or Freeform Sources.

If you no longer want to use object templates for an object type, you can disable object templates.

To enable object templates

  1. From the Tools menu, choose DeveloperPreferences. The MicroStrategy Developer Preferences dialog box opens.

  2. Expand the Object Template category, and select General.

  3. For each object type that you want to use object templates for, select the check box in front of its name.

    If an object type is not selected, the New Object dialog box does not appear when you create a new object of that type, and therefore you cannot access the object templates for that object type. The default object template is used automatically; if a default has not been defined for this object type, the empty object template is used. For details about the default object template and the empty object template, see Object templates at the project level.

  4. Click OK when you have completed your selections. Your changes are saved and the MicroStrategy Developer Preferences dialog box closes.

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