Version 2021

Restoring default metric joins

You can set your join type to be either an inner or outer join. Restoring the metric default allows you to restore the join type to the default setting, which is an inner join.

  • An inner join includes only the elements common to both tables.

  • An outer join includes all of the elements in both tables.

For an overview of metric joins, examples of inner and outer metric joins, and a reference on when to use an inner join vs. an outer join, see Setting the metric join type at the report level. You can also set the metric join type at the metric level and, for compound metrics, at the formula level. See Setting join types for metrics for a description of how the different levels work together.

To restore metric default joins

  1. Open the template in the Template Editor. (How?)

    You can also restore metric defaults for a report. Open the report in the Report Editor; the rest of the instructions remain the same.

  2. From the Data menu, select Report Data Options. The Report Data Options dialog box opens.

  3. Under Categories, expand Calculations, and then select MetricJoin Type. Calculations - Metric Join Type appears on the right side of the editor.

  4. Click Restore Metric Defaults. All the join types revert to their individual defaults.

  5. Click OK. You are returned to the Report Editor.

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