Version 2021

Setting the metric formula join type for compound metrics

A compound metric contains multiple expressions or metrics, and you can define how these elements are joined. This is called the formula join type. The join types for a metric base formula are as follows:

  • A default join is a join that is defined in each element.

  • An inner join includes only data that is common across all elements.

  • An outer join includes data that apply to every metric in a report.


This procedure assumes you have created a compound metric. For instructions, see Creating compound metrics.

To set the metric formula join type

  1. Open the Metric Editor. (How?)

  2. From the Tools menu, choose Advanced Settings, and then select Formula Join Type. The Metric Formula Join Type dialog box opens.

  3. Select the join type to use from the following options:

    • A default join uses the joins already defined in each element of the compound metric.

    • An inner join includes only the data shared by all elements (the intersection of data).

    • An outer join includes all data from every element (the union of all the data).

  4. Click OK. You are returned to the Metric Editor.

  5. Click Save and Close to save the metric and close the Metric Editor.