Version 2021

Use the Mobile URL API in iOS

The URL API for the Mobile SDK for iOS lets you use links to execute both MicroStrategy and non-MicroStrategy actions from inside a custom mobile application that includes MicroStrategy Mobile SDK frameworks. This is useful if you want to access and manipulate MicroStrategy objects such as reports, documents, and folders, or if you want to display standard MicroStrategy Mobile screens or open other applications installed on the mobile device. You can also use URL API links to execute a MicroStrategy report or document from outside your custom mobile application. For example, you can add a URL API link to an email or use it in a browser.

The following common actions can be performed using the URL API for the Mobile SDK.

Performing report-related actions

Performing document-related actions  

Performing folder-related actions

Answering prompts

Displaying standard MicroStrategy Mobile screens 

Opening applications installed on a device

The recommended practice is to use the  mstr namespace for links in both iPhone and iPad applications. The mstripad namespace for iPad is supported only for backward compatibility. If you create your own custom namespace, you should not use either mstr or mstripad to avoid potential conflicts.

Using the URL API requires an understanding of the basic structure of a MicroStrategy Web URL, as well as knowledge of the additional parameters that exist and how they can be used for certain actions. The URL API is discussed in detail in the Web SDK section of the MSDL in Customizing MicroStrategy Web -> Part I: Fundamentals of Customization -> Navigation and Workflow: URL API -> Navigation and Workflow: URL API. Note that not all the URL API parameters available in the Web SDK are available for use in the Mobile SDK.