Version 2021

Download a Local Copy of the Mobile SDK Documentation

The MicroStrategy Developer Library (MSDL) documentation available on the MicroStrategy Community SDK page always contains the latest Mobile SDK content. The recommended practice is to use this content, but in situations where there may not be a connection to the Internet, a zipped copy of the MSDL can be downloaded to a local machine.

In order for the links in the documentation to work correctly, the following steps should be followed to set up the MSDL on a local machine.

  1. Create a directory to hold the MSDL and associated SDK files. For example, create a directory called MSDL.
  2. Download the MSDL ZIP file and extract its contents to the directory you just created. It has the following structure
    • CustomizationPlugins
    • DevelopmentKits
    • docs
      • DevLib
      • projects
      • ReferenceFiles
      • ShellFiles
    • downloads
    • images
    • lib
    • samples
    • tools
    • MSDL_Local.htm
  3. For convenience, create a shortcut to the file that opens the MSDL: ..\MSDL\MSDL_Local.htm. The opening page contains a link to all of the SDKs, including the Mobile SDK.