Version 2021

Customize Properties and Preferences in iOS

There are a number of files that you can use to customize properties and preferences for MicroStrategy Mobile.

  • Connection Information Properties File

    The connection info properties file, ConnectionInfo.plist, contains the following key value pairs. This file is used to specify information used when connecting the mobile device to the MicroStrategy Mobile Server and Intelligence Server  

  • MicroStrategy Customizations Properties File

    The MicroStrategy customizations properties file, MSTRCustomizations.plist, provides key/value pairs that allow you to set values related to prompt management, the navigation bar, and other functionality.  

  • Grid Settings Properties File

    Actions related to grid setting can be customized by modifying the GridSettings.plist file.

  • Device Preferences

    Device preferences can be set by modifying the preferences.xml file on the client or by programmatically changing them with DevicePreferences.h.