Version 2021

Use the Alchemer Connector

SurveyGizmo has been renamed to Alchemer.

To use the Alchemer connector with MicroStrategy Web, your administrator must perform the steps detailed in the Configure the Alchemer Connector topic of the MicroStrategy Web Administration Help.

  1. Open a new or existing dossier.
  2. Choose Add Data > New Data.
  3. Click the Alchemer connector icon from the data source list. You are redirected to your Alchemer login page.
  4. Log in and grant the connector application permission to connect to your data.

    You only need to grant the connector application permission when launching the Alchemer connector for the first time.

  5. Upon successful authorization, you are redirected to a data import page displaying a list of your surveys.

  6. Select a survey to import.
  7. Click Data Preview to preview the questions in the survey.

  8. Click Submit. A preview of your imported data appears.
  9. On the Preview dialog, wrangle your data and click Finish.