Version 2021

Create Dossier and Chapter Filters

Create a dossier or chapter filter by dragging attribute and metrics from the Datasets panel to the Filter panel.

  1. Open the dossier you want to modify.

  2. Select the chapter to filter.
  3. Drag the attributes and metrics for filtering from the Datasets panel to Filter panel. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple attributes and metrics.
  4. Click More next to the filter and select options for modifying the filter. The available options vary based on the object you select.
  5. You can apply a filter to a single chapter, multiple chapters, or across your entire dossier. Click More next to the filter and choose Apply Selections To and This Chapter Only to use the filter for only the current chapter.
  6. Choose All Chapters Containing This Filter to use the filter across all chapters it is added to. If you want to apply the filter across your entire dossier, add it to the remaining chapters. Any changes you make to the filter are then reflected across your entire dossier.

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