MicroStrategy ONE

How to Format a Network Visualization

There are several options for formatting network visualizations. You can display labels for nodes, determine how node sizes are calculated, show where each edge starts and stops using arrows, etc. You can distinguish between the To and From nodes by customizing their shapes and colors.

  1. Click on the network visualization you want to format. If necessary, you can select a specific object for formatting.
  2. Right-click and choose Format.

    If you selected a specific object in the visualization, a pop-up menu displays the appropriate formatting options for that object. In addition, the Format panel automatically updates the first drop-down list with the area of the visualization you are formatting and the corresponding format options appear.

  3. Select the appropriate options to format the visualization. See Format Panel for Network Visualizations for more information about the options on the Format panel.

    The Legend options are only available if the network visualization contains a legend. The legend appears when you add a metric to the Edge Color, Edge Size, or Item Size areas of the Editor panel.

  4. In the Format panel, select Data Exploration from the first drop-down list, to define item formatting in the visualization.
  5. In the Item Formatting drop-down list, select options for node formatting.

    Select From and To Items to select the same shape and color for both the From and To nodes.


    Select From Items to only format the from nodes.


    Select To Items to only format the To nodes.

  6. In the Shape drop-down list, select the shape of the nodes.
  7. In the Fill drop-down list, select the fill color for the nodes. Then, select the opacity of the color as a percentage. Higher values are more opaque.
  8. In the Border drop-down list, select the color and line style for the nodes' borders.
  9. Select the More Options link at the bottom of the Format panel to open the More Options dialog and specify additional formatting options for displaying visualization data.
  10. You can apply general formatting options used for all types of visualizations, such as renaming attributes or metrics, choosing whether to display a visualization's title bar, etc. See Format Dashboards and Visualizations for more information.