Version 2021

How to Filter Data Based on Metrics

Using view filters based on metrics, you can view a subset of report data that focuses on the data values and ranges you are interested in. Narrowing the focus of a report to the data that is of interest of you enables another level of report analysis that can highlight business trends and figures.

When creating metric qualifications in a view filter, you can use various logical and mathematical operators. You can use any of the following operators in metric qualifications. For additional information on metrics, see the Advanced Reporting Help .

  • Equals
  • Does not equal
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Between (enter value1;value2)
  • Not Between (enter value1;value2)
  • Is Null
  • Is Not Null
  • In (enter value 1;value 2;. . .;valueN)
  • Not In (enter value1;value2; . . .;valueN)
  • Highest
  • Lowest
  • Highest (%)
  • Lowest (%)

Once you select an operator, you can either type in a value or select a metric to return the value to qualify on.

The steps below show you how to create a view filter with a metric qualification, as well as how the example scenario above was created.

You need the Web Use View Filter Editor privilege.

To create a view filter with a metric qualification

  1. Log into a project in MicroStrategy Web.
  2. Run the report in Grid View.
  3. If the View Filter area is not displayed, from the Tools menu, select View Filter.
  4. In Web, in the View Filter area, click Add Condition.
  5. From the Filter On drop-down, select a metric.
  6. Select an operator from the drop-down and type a value.

    To compare the metric to another metric, click the Select Metric icon Select Metric icon. Then select another metric to compare it to. Selecting a metric allows you to create a metric-to-metric qualification, which are described in How to Filter on Metric-to-Metric Comparisons.

  7. Click Apply icon Apply icon to complete the view filter qualification.
  8. If the Auto-Apply Changes checkbox is cleared, click Apply to apply the view filter to the report.