MicroStrategy ONE

Define Colors for Displaying Attributes in a Heat Map

You can define the color of an attribute value in a heat map visualization. When you change the display color for an attribute value, other graphs and heat maps use the same color to display the value. All graphs and heat maps must color the graph items using the same attribute.

A dashboard contains a bar graph and a heat map, both showing data colored by geographical region. An area graph displays data colored by product category. If you select dark green for the Southeast region's bar riser in the graph, the rectangle for Southeast is colored dark green in the heat map. Since the area graph is colored by category, the region's color does not apply to the area graph.

  1. Click on the heat map visualization you want to modify.
  2. In the Editor panel, place an attribute in the Color By area. Web automatically selects the colors of the attribute values from the current color palette.
  3. You can color attribute values directly in the heat map. Right-click a rectangle in the heat map that represents an attribute value and choose Select color ranges and select colors from the pop-up.
  4. You can color attribute values using the graph legend. Right-click one of the colored squares, in the legend, that represents an attribute value and select the color from the palette. This option is not available for metric values.
  5. Click Automatic in the color palette to restore an attribute value to its default color. This only displays if you have changed the color from its default.