Version 2021

Search for Content

With Search, you can quickly find exactly what you need.

Global Search

  1. Tap .

    Quick Search includes recently searched terms and recently viewed content. Use the recent items to save time. You can clear these items at any time by tapping on Clear.

  2. Enter your search terms.

    The search results display dossier, chapter, page, visualization, attribute, and metric names that contain the specific search terms. For example, search terms may include "Account" or "Region." Region may match a title of a visualization in the dossier page or an attribute used in the dossier.

  3. View the top results easily using Quick Search (Library Home) or tap Search to go to the main Search page.

    You can also tap Enter after your search to jump to the main Search page

  4. From the Search page, view matched content under In My Library or All. By default, the items within your library are displayed. The All section contains search results from outside of the current library. This is referred to as "Global Search."

    You can add content to your library from the All section. If you do not have access to the content, you cannot view it within the All section.

  5. Tap on the result to go to the content.

    You can click on the matched chapter or page to jump to a specific place in the dossier. Clicking the visualization, attribute, or metric takes you to a dossier page.

Sorting Search Results

You can sort search results, either ascending or descending, by:

  • Relevance
  • Dossier Name
  • Date Added
  • Date Updated
  • Date Viewed