HyperIntelligence Chrome Extension

The HyperIntelligence Chrome Extension allows you to consume HyperCarddata from your Google Chrome browser. For example if you have an employee HyperCard enabled, you can view information such as email, department, or tenure when an employee name appears in your browser. However, keep in mind that the information available in a HyperCard depends on the objects an administrator adds when creating it.

Once the extension is installed, keyword attributes defined by an administrator will be underlined in your Chrome browser. Hover over any keyword attribute when it appears in your browser and its corresponding HyperCard appears.

This extension supports Chrome 69 and above on both Windows and Mac.

How to Add the HyperIntelligence Chrome Extension

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store to download the extension.
  2. Click Add to Chrome > Add Extension.

The MicroStrategy logo appears in your extension toolbar. Learn How to Configure the HyperIntelligence Chrome Extension