Version 2021

Create and Configure an Environment with Your Azure Account

This page describes how to deploy MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for Azure in a new VNet.

During configuration, you are redirected to a custom template that creates two resource groups:

  • MicroStrategyImages-<region> – This resource group stores all the MicroStrategy images used to create MicroStrategy environments.
  • MicroStrategyOnAzure-<region> – This resource group hosts the storage account and the VNet.

    • Storage account name: microstrategyvhds<6 random characters> – the last 6 characters must be unique
    • VNet name: MicroStrategy-VNet

How to Configure MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for Azure with Your Azure Subscription

These steps will not work properly with a Free Trial subscription.

Use the following steps to deploy the Resource Groups mentioned above.

  1. Go to the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform.
  2. Log in with your Resource Center account.
  3. Click New Environment.
  4. Select Team, Department, or Enterprise.

  5. Enter your Azure Subscription ID.

    To create a Microsoft Azure account, go to the Azure website.

    You can find your Azure Subscription ID in the Azure Portal. From All Services, select Subscriptions.

  6. Click Configuration.

  7. Log in to your Azure account.

    Once authentication is complete, a pop-up appears requesting access to your Azure subscription. The permission is necessary to deploy the MicroStrategy platform.

  8. Click Accept. You must have global administrator rights to be able to click Accept.

    The Custom Deployment page in your Azure portal opens. The Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is used to create the VNet and Storage Account necessary to configure and deploy the MicroStrategy platform.

  9. Enter the appropriate information for the ARM deployment on the Custom Deployment page.

    • In the Basics section, select MicroStrategyOnAzure-eastus2.
    • In the Settings section, enter the appropriate CIDR and Subnet ranges. If you are not sure, keep the default ranges or contact your network administrator.
  10. Accept the terms and conditions and click Purchase.
  11. Go to the MicroStrategyOnAzure-eastus2 resource group in the Azure Portal and check the status of your deployment.

  12. To validate the configuration, go back to the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform and click Validate.

  13. Click Create Environment.