Version 2021

Create Custom Subtotals

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021, you can create custom subtotals. Custom subtotals offer a way to define aggregations that suit specific business requirements, other than the out-of-the-box options such as Sum, Average, Mean, etc.

To use, create, and edit subtotals, you must have at least one the following privileges:

  • Client-Web: Web use metric editor

  • Server-Intelligence: Create application objects

  1. Open the Workstation window.

  2. Choose File > New Subtotal.

  3. Select an environment and project.

  4. On the Functions tab, double-click a function to add it to the Formula Editor.

    You can also add a function by hovering over it and clicking Add with Details. The corresponding dialog provides additional guidance for modifying the function parameters prior to modifying the formula.

  5. Select the Object Browser tab to add objects from your project.

  6. Build your formula and Validate it when you are finished. Remember that x is the placeholder for the metric to be subtotaled in your report.

  7. Once you have validated your formula, you can enable Show Function Parameters to view and modify the parameters.

  8. Expand the subtotal in the Summary pane to see the Group By level.

  9. Assign a name to your custom subtotal.

  10. Click Save.