Version 2021

Bursting for Email Subscriptions

Bursting in MicroStrategy distribution services allows administrators to send reports and documents to a dynamic list of recipients with data sliced by a user’s email. Bursting is used when you must send personalized slices of data to multiple users with each user having a definite access to the data based on the user’s security in the system. Bursting allows easy distribution of data to multiple recipients dynamically and delivers data in a single report execution enhancing the performance.

Check out the video below to learn more!

The bursting option is unavailable by default. The option is available for selection only when the report or document has at least one email attribute on the page-by of the report.

Consider an example where you must schedule a sales report to all store managers in your organization. Add your store managers' email attribute on the page-by section of the report to slice the data by each store. Create an email subscription with bursting enabled, which delivers content to the stores with a relevant data view based on the page-by email attribute.

The report gives a unified view of all the users data when there is no page-by attribute selected.

The report gives a personalized view with page-by selected on email attribute.

To enable bursting:

  1. Open the Workstation window with the Navigation pane in smart mode.

  2. In the Navigation pane, inside the Administration group, click next to Subscriptions.
  3. Choose an environment and project, then click Select.
  4. Select the subscription Type as Email.
  5. Add the report or document you wish to deliver via burst.

  6. The Bursting option is available for selection when the content you add meets the criteria. Use the toggle option to enable Bursting.

  7. Select the right email attribute from the drop-down under Send by which is used for email distribution.

  8. Select the delivery device you wish to send content through.

  9. Select the attribute you wish to segment data under Slice By.

    In the previous example, if the Region attribute is also on the page-by attribute, the user receives two separate emails with each region—one for West and the other for South.

  10. Enter the details for Subscription Name, Schedule, Subject and Message.

  11. Save the subscription.