Version 2021

About the Properties Dialog Box

If you arrived here from Workstation, see the Workstation Document Authoring Help.

The Properties dialog box contains options allowing you to modify the look and feel of a document. You can modify the document pages in the Page Setup section, the layout in the Layout Properties section, and the overall properties in the Document Properties section.

The Properties dialog box contains the following groups of options:

Page Setup

Page: Specify the size, scaling, width, and height of the document pages.

Margins: Specify the margin sizes of the document.

Layout Properties

Layout: Specify general layout options, such as the tab name of the layout and whether to automatically maintain targets for selectors in the layout.

Colors and Borders: Specify the fill color and borders.

Sections: Specify which sections to display in the document.

Mobile: Specify layout options for a document displayed on a mobile device, such as whether the layout can be displayed in a portrait or landscape orientation on the mobile device, or whether the layout is used as an Information Window in a Map widget. For instructions to create Map widgets and Information Windows, see the MicroStrategy Mobile Administration Help.

Advanced: Specify additional options, such as whether to enable incremental fetch and the level at which incremental fetch is applied to data in a layout.

Document Properties

Document: Specify general properties, such as the default grid autostyle and the document width mode. You can also choose the display and export modes.

Export: Specify exporting preferences, such as whether to export all layouts in the document.

Table of Contents: Specify table of contents preferences, such as font formatting for the table of contents topics.

Watermark: Specify whether to display no watermark on this document, the project watermark, or a document watermark that you create.

Mobile: Specify display options for a document viewed on a mobile device, such as whether tabs are used to select a layout in a multi-layout document

Delivery: Specify whether users can have the results of the document delivered to them on a schedule.

Advanced: Specify additional document settings, such as whether to display one layout tab at a time on the document.

Accessing the Properties Dialog Box

  1. To edit a document in Design Mode, from a folder, right-click the document and select Edit. If the document is open in Presentation Mode, click the menu icon Menu icon (the hamburger) on the right, and select Edit.
  2. To edit a document in Editable Mode, from a folder, right-click the document, point to Run as, and select Editable. If the document is open in Design Mode, click the Editable Mode icon Editable Mode icon.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Document Properties.