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Create Cards

Cards are objects that hold the data about a keyword attribute. When creating a new card, you can select from a variety of card templates, add widgets, and customize your cards format.

You must be connected to an environment to create cards.

You must have the Use Workstation and Certify Content privileges to create and use cards.

To create cards on HyperIntelligence Card Authoring, the following two privileges under Server – Intelligence license are required:

Server – Intelligence

  • Create application objects
  • Use Workstation
  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click Create a New Card next to Cards.
  3. Select an in-memory cube.
  4. Click OK. The Card Editor appears.
  5. On the Template tab, click Change Template to use one of the five card templates.

    Basic Card

    Ring Card

    Matrix Card

    Section Card

    Compact Card

  6. On the Format tab, click the Header drop-down to customize your card's header. Depending on the template you selected, other drop-down options are available to customize.
  7. On the Widgets panel, drag and drop List, Matrix, Ring, or Text Box widgets on your card. To remove widgets, drag the widget off of the card.

  8. Drag the attribute you want to serve as the keyword attribute from the left pane to the header of the card template. A star appears next to the chosen keyword attribute. The header displays sample data using one data point from your attribute.
  9. Use the icons in the header to add a link or a contextual link, clear content , set keyword matching , or specify the display of attribute forms for titles and subtitles. See Alternate Keyword Matching for more information.
  10. Add information to the card by dragging objects from the dataset to the card template. You can change the order of information on the card by dragging a specific widget or list item to a different location.
  11. Click Save.

When you save the card, it is only visible to you. To allow users to view your card, see Manage Card Properties

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