Version 2021

Saving a metric

Metrics are analytical calculations performed against stored data to produce results that can then be either read as status material or analyzed for decision-making purposes. Metrics represent business measures and key performance indicators. Questions such as "What were the sales for the Eastern Region during the fourth quarter?" and "How many employees received a bonus greater than $5000 in the last 3 years?" can easily be answered by creating metrics.

To save a metric

  • Click Save and Close on the Metric Editor toolbar. The Save As dialog box opens.

  • Select the folder in which to save the new metric.

  • Enter the name of the new metric and click Save. You are returned to MicroStrategy Developer.

    When naming a MicroStrategy object, you must follow the naming convention rules for your particular database platform. Using a word reserved by your database platform may result in an error. Refer to your database documentation for a list of these database-reserved words.

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