Version 2021

View Object Tiles

On the Library Home page, your dossiers and documents appear as tiles. On each tile, you can see the name of the item, the author, and when the item was last updated or viewed. You can also see related content based on a particular dossier.

The icons on the item will vary depending on the status, certification level, and recent interaction.

New item

Updated item




Additional Information

In the tile view, click Additional Information to share, export, reset, or delete your dossier or document.


Select dossiers or documents to add to your Favorites section.


Share the dossier with other users via link or invitation.


Create and manage dossier subscriptions.

Export to Excel

Export the dossier to Excel.

Export to PDF

Export the dossier to a PDF.


Download the dossier as an .mstr file.


Reset a dossier to its original state or re-prompt a dossier or document.


Remove the dossier or document from your library.


Edit the dossier in Library Web.


The author of the dossier or document.


When the item was last modified.


View comments and discussions on the dossier or document.

Edit the dossier in Library Web by clicking Edit from the Table of Contents in the dossier.


From the Library Home page, you can easily add content to your Favorites. To add content to the Favorites section, click Favorite on the tile. The star icon appears yellow and the content can be found in the top section of Library Home. To un-favorite content, click Favorite again. The content is then removed from the Favorites section. You can also favorite and un-favorite content from the Info Window or Table of Contents in a specific dossier.


To organize your library, create new groups for specific content. There is no limit to the number of groups that you can create in your library. You can also edit or delete groups at any time.

To add content to an existing group or create a new group:

  1. Go to Library Home and click Multi-select.

    To exit Multi-select mode, click Done at the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Continue to select the content for the custom group.

    The content you select are highlighted in blue.

  3. Go to Add to Group at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Add content to an existing group or create a new group.

    For a new group, create a group name and select a group color.

  5. The group is automatically saved. To view groups, click on the Library icon from the Home page. The left sidebar menu appears, showing all existing or newly created groups.

    To Edit or Delete groups, click Options. You can change the name of the group or color associated with the group.

Open and Edit a Dossier Without Loading the Data

You can open and edit an existing dossier without its underlying data in pause mode. This allows you to see dossier images, textboxes, and visualization containers without loading any data.

  1. From Library Home, right-click on the dossier you want to open > Edit without Data.

  2. Edit the dossier if needed.

  3. From the top toolbar, click Resume Data Retrieval load the dossier's data.

Related Content

You can view recommended content under Related Content and manage what is seen via the Library Administration Control Panel.