Version 2021

Configure Notification Emails When Sharing Content in Library

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 8, the Applications Editor allows administrators to configure the notification email that users receive when content is shared in Library or when they are sent a message via collaboration. This feature in Applications allows you to provide a white-labeled experience for different organizations or groups of users, including when embedding Library in your own application.

Additionally, you can configure the URL of the action buttons that allow the user to open the content in a Web browser and in the Library Mobile application.

Configuring the button to open in a browser allows you to direct users to a host Web application embedding with MicroStrategy Library. Using Library’s Embedding SDK, you can integrate Library in your application to display the content or shared bookmark.

Configuring the button to open in mobile allows users on a mobile email client to deep link directly to your own mobile application using a specific URL scheme or via a universal link.

  1. Open the Workstation window.

  2. In the Navigation pane, click Applications.

  3. Create or edit an application.

  4. In the left pane, click Email Communication.

  5. Click Configure email content for this application.

    When configuring the subject and body text of the email, you can use macros to dynamically include the dossier name, recipient name, sender name, or bookmark name.

    1. Expand the Subject & Body Text section

    2. When entering text, enter a curly bracket { to choose a macro from the suggested list.

      You can configure the text for different types of notification emails for the following actions:

      • Sharing a dossier

      • Sharing a bookmark

      • Inviting a user to a discussion

      • Mentioning or tagging a user in a comment or discussion

Configure the Action Button to Open in a Web Browser

  1. Expand the Action Button section.

  2. In Host Web Portal, enter the URL of the web page you are embedding in Library.

    When sharing or collaborating in Library within the application, additional parameters are automatically appended to this URL so that the embedded Library opens the correct content.

    See How to handle dossier link in email in the Embedding SDK help for more information on how to handle the link parameters when embedding Library into your own Web application.

  3. Click Save.

Configure the Action Button to Open in the Mobile App

  1. Expand the Action Button section.

  2. In Mobile Link, change the selection to URL Scheme and specify your own mobile application’s URL scheme, or choose Universal Link if you have configured it in Library and via the Library Mobile SDK.

    See Deep Link to Library from Other Applications on iOS to learn more about deep linking and configuring a universal link.

  3. Click Save.