Version 2021

Add URLs to Whitelist

Now that you have a list of URLs, you can add them to the Allow URLs to Export list. Adding URLs or URL paths to this list permits the content to be fetched when exporting a report, document, or dossier to PDF or Excel. In a clustered environment, any whitelisted URLs apply to all nodes.

To modify this field, you must have the Web Administration privilege, Configure Server Basic privilege, and read/write access for the server definition.

If you are using MicroStrategy Web ASP, please see Additional Step for MicroStrategy Web ASP Customers in KB484127 before proceeding.

Relative paths are case sensitive.

  1. Log in to a project using an account with administrative privileges.
  2. From the upper right of any page, click the username drop-down and select Preferences. The Preferences page opens.
  3. From the pane on the left, select Project Defaults.
  4. From the pane on the left, select Security. The Security project defaults page opens.
  5. From Allow URLs to Export, enter a URL or URL path.

    Use a relative path or the following protocols: https://, http://, or file:///.

    If images are in a location similar to C:\Custom Folder\Images\image.jpg and the MicroStrategy installation path is also in C, you can add a slash (/) to the list of URLs to whitelist all of the files on your C drive. This slash represents the root directory.

  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Apply. This setting applies to all projects in your environment and affects all MicroStrategy products that have export functionality.
  8. Clear your Export cache.
  9. In Developer, log in to a project source. You must have the Monitor Caches privilege.
  10. Expand Administration > SystemMonitors > Caches > Documents.
  11. Select a project and click OK.
  12. Locate caches with the format PDF or Excel and delete them.

Once you have whitelisted the URLs found in your metadata, it is recommended to perform Integrity Manager testing to validate the upgrade impact.

Thereafter, administrators should review any URLs or URL paths that are still blocked from export.

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