Version 2021

Resolving Problems Encountered During the Upgrade

The Readme contains troubleshooting scenarios aimed to assist you during or after an upgrade to the latest version of MicroStrategy. If you encounter an issue not covered in the Readme or by the suggestions below, contact MicroStrategy Technical Support for additional assistance.

  • Make sure you have met the system requirements and other prerequisites for the current version of MicroStrategy, as noted in Upgrade Prerequisites.
  • Be aware of the level of interoperability between the current version of MicroStrategy and the version you are upgrading from, as noted in Compatibility and Interoperability section of the Readme.
  • Any errors in the upgrade process are likely to be written to the installation log file, install.log. This file is in the directory that you specify as the installation directory during the upgrade.
  • When you use the Configuration Wizard to add tables to the metadata or update your projects, each SQL statement that is executed is logged to the Configuration Wizard log file, MACfgWiz.xml. This log file is in the Log subfolder of the main MicroStrategy directory. You can analyze the log file using a third-party log viewer, such as the Apache Chainsaw log viewer, which can be downloaded from
  • If MicroStrategy Web users encounter errors after you upgrade MicroStrategy Web, you may need to clear your application and web server caches, or your users may need to clear their browser caches. For instructions on how to clear these caches, see the documentation for your web server, application server, and web browser.
  • MicroStrategy recommends upgrading to the latest version without uninstalling the previous version of MicroStrategy. However, in rare situations, issues may be encountered as a result of an in-place upgrade. In these situations, you may need to uninstall your existing MicroStrategy installation before installing the new version.