Version 2021

URL Scanner - Identify URLs for Export

As of MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1, administrators can specify which URLs or URL paths are permitted when fetching content to be included in an export. This concept, where only certain URLs are permitted, is largely referred to as whitelisting. To easily identify which URLs belong in this list after upgrading, it's recommended to use the URL Scanner.

The URL Scanner tool allows you to scan MicroStrategy metadatas (10.4.x and higher) for URLs accessed by the exporting workflows on the Intelligence Server. It lists all the URLs referenced by reports, documents, and dossiers and allows you to make an informed decision about which URLs are safe to be used in your environment. Combined with the new whitelisting functionality in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1, this tool can be used to whitelist only those safe URLs to protect against Server Side Request Forgery attacks.

The recommended workflow for using the URL Scanner is as follows:

  1. Review the prerequisites and system requirements.
  2. Run the URL Scanner.
  3. Review the scan results.
  4. Add URLs and URL paths from the scan results to the whitelist.