Version 2021

How to Run in Prompted Mode

Prompted mode is an interactive mode that asks you for information about your MicroStrategy environment, such as the path to the installation directory, cubes, caches, images, plugins, etc.

  1. Enter the following command to run prompted mode. See Additional Flags for additional parameters to add to your execution command.

    ./mstrbak -p

  2. Answer the prompted questions. To find the correct input for each entry, see How to Obtain MicroStrategy Backup Inputs.

  3. The client runs and prints messages to the Terminal as it proceeds.
  4. The execution is complete when the following message appears:

    MSTRBak has finished successfully.

    Archive created locally at: path/to/backup/ARCHIVE.tar.gz

    Archive uploaded to S3 at: https://link/to/ARCHIVE.tar.gz

Your MicroStrategy Backup is located in the directory listed in the message and in specified S3 bucket or Azure Blob, if selected.

A silent response JSON file is created at the conclusion of the execution, even if the backup was not successful. You may use this response file to run all subsequent executions in Silent mode. The location of the JSON file is /opt/mstr/mstrbak/response.json.

If you have uploaded MicroStrategy Backup to S3 or Azure Blob, you can now restore your backup file onto a new MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for AWS or MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for Azure environment. It supports upgrading from the following versions to the latest MicroStrategy platform release.

  • MicroStrategy 10.4.x
  • MicroStrategy 10.11.x
  • MicroStrategy 2019.x
  • MicroStrategy 2020.x
  • MicroStrategy 2021.x

Additional Flags

Append any of the following flags to the execution command as desired.

  • To dump the database, enter the parameter -d. The -d parameter is only recommended to be used when backing up MicroStrategy 2019 and restoring on MicroStrategy 2019.

    Note: In Windows, we do not support –d flag.

  • To receive email notifications about the backup process, enter the parameter -m <your email>.

For example,

./mstrbak -p -d -m -m