Version 2021

3. Run MicroStrategy Backup

You are now positioned to run the MicroStrategy Backup client. You can run MicroStrategy Backup in one of three modes and, depending on the mode you select, running the MicroStrategy Backup client will differ.

Mode Flag Behavior
How to Run in Prompted Mode -p

Runs the client in Prompted mode. This mode asks the user for information about the location of various MicroStrategy items.

This is an interactive mode for users running MicroStrategy Backup for the first time.

How to Run in Cloud Mode -c

Runs the client in Cloud Only mode. This flag indicates that the system you are running the client on was originally provisioned by the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform. This flag is a simplified version of prompted mode, and will only ask a subset of questions limited to credentials and storage location (S3 Bucket or Azure Storage Blob).

This is an express backup mode specifically for users with MSTR Cloud environments. This mode is ideal for users who want to quickly backup their entire environment in the default location. This mode is also ideal for upgrading by creating a parallel environment.

Cloud mode backs up the metadata, cube, cache, inbox, MicroStrategy Web (images, plugins, configurations), MicroStrategy Mobile (images, plugins, configurations), and MicroStrategy Library (images, plugins, configurations).

How to Run in Silent Mode


Runs the client in Silent mode. This reads from a JSON file for information about the location of various MicroStrategy items.

This mode is for automated processes or development operations. This mode works as a back up client in case you need to restore your information.