Version 2021

How to Run in Cloud Mode

Cloud mode is an express backup mode specifically for users with MicroStrategy cloud environments. This mode is ideal for users who want to quickly back up their entire environment. Cloud mode can handle all enterprise applications.

Cloud mode is only supported on Linux.

Please use Prompted mode when upgrading from MicroStrategy 2019 to the latest MicroStrategy platforms.

  1. Enter the following command to run cloud mode. See Additional Flags for additional parameters to add to your execution command.
  2. Copy
    ./mstrbak -c
  3. Enter your credentials from your cloud environment's welcome email.

    Your backup file is located in /opt/mstr/mstrbak/ and your response file is located in /opt/mstr/mstrbak/mstrbakResponseFile.json.

  4. Enter your credentials to the database.
  5. Enter the SQL dump bin path.
  6. Enter y to upload to a cloud storage. When prompted, choose which cloud storage option to upload to. Enter n if you don't want to upload to a cloud storage and complete the backup.

    • Enter 1 to upload to your AWS S3 Bucket and enter the S3 bucket name. If prompted, provide the S3 access keys and secret key.
    • Enter 2 to upload to your Azure Blob Storage and enter your Storage Account Name and Container Name. If prompted, provide the Storage Account access key.
  7. The client runs and prints messages to the Terminal as it proceeds.
  8. The execution is complete when the following message appears:
    MSTRBak complete. Operation successful? True
    Archive created locally at: path/to/backup/ARCHIVE.tar.gz
    Archive uploaded to S3 at: https://link/to/ARCHIVE.tar.gz

    The client in cloud mode will attempt to backup all DSNs in the odbc.ini. If some data warehouses fail to backup, an error message appears and operation success? reads as false. However, if the DSNs are successfully backed up, you can use the backup package.

If you have uploaded MicroStrategy Backup to S3 or Azure Blob, you can now restore your archive onto a new MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for AWS or MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for Azure environment. It supports upgrading from MicroStrategy 2019 to the latest MicroStrategy Platform release.

Additional Flags

Append any of the following flags to the execution command as desired.

  • To dump the database, enter the parameter -d. The -d parameter is only recommended to be used when backing up MicroStrategy 2019 and restoring on MicroStrategy 2019.
  • To receive email notifications about the backup process, enter the parameter -m <your email>.

For example,

./mstrbak -c -d -m -m