Version 2021

4. Restore MicroStrategy Backup

MicroStrategy Backup is a MicroStrategy application that allows users to easily back up essential MicroStrategy configurations, databases, and files. The backed-up package created by the client can either be stored locally or they can be stored in the cloud via AWS S3 or Azure Blob. The backed-up package is utilized by the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for AWS or MicroStrategy Cloud Platform for Azure and restored with the MicroStrategy Backup restoration capability. Restoring your MicroStrategy Backup allows you to restore cubes, caches, ODBC DSNs, update projects, and more.

Newer MicroStrategy version backups are not allowed for restoring prior MicroStrategy versions.

To restore MicroStrategy Backup in AWS, you must have uploaded your backup to an S3 bucket (directly inside the bucket and not inside any folder) in 3. Run MicroStrategy Backup.

To restore MicroStrategy Backup in Azure, you must have uploaded your backup to an Azure Storage account which can be accessed by the new environment in 3. Run MicroStrategy Backup.

  1. Log in to the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform.
  2. Provision a new environment as either Team, Department, or Enterprise.
  3. Under Restore an Environment, select the Restore environment from MicroStrategy Backup check box.
  4. Enter the S3 bucket or Azure Blob URL.

    The Backup file can only be restored to environments with the same or higher version numbers.

  5. Click Validate.
  6. Click Create Environment. Your MicroStrategy Backup is restored on your new environment.