MicroStrategy ONE

Publishing Intelligent Cubes

Publishing an Intelligent Cube retrieves data from the data warehouse and stores this data as an Intelligent Cube in Intelligence Server memory. Once an Intelligent Cube is stored in Intelligence Server memory, multiple reports can be created to view and analyze the set of published data.

When an Intelligent Cube is published, the Intelligent Cube Monitor displays the Intelligent Cube. You can manage your published Intelligent Cubes from the Intelligent Cube Monitor. For more information on managing Intelligent Cubes, see the System Administration Help.

You need the Publish Intelligent Cube (MicroStrategy Developer) and/or Web Publish Intelligent Cube (Web) privileges to publish Intelligent Cubes. These privileges are part of OLAP Services.

You can publish Intelligent Cubes manually, or you can schedule the publication of Intelligent Cubes for a specific time, as described in: