Version 2021

Disable Filter Interactions in Library

You can strategically disable your end users from interacting with specific filters in the Library Filter panel.

There are two great use cases for this feature:

  • Using a visualization-level filter for an entire chapter

    For example, this demo dossier covers a website analysis, with one chapter showing mobile only and another chapter displaying desktop only.

    As the author you want to lock this mobile view into place, so the user cannot change the intended analysis.

    Once the filter interactions are disabled, users cannot inadvertently change the view.

  • Improved Performance

    Say for example, you have a cube with three years of data. You maintain one historical dossier that is only accessed once a quarter and takes some time to load. You also develop a dossier that is accessed every morning by your executive team. This dossier needs to be highly performant and only contain the last year of data. In this case, you can lock the filter to only one year in the daily executive dossier, without needing to maintain two separate cubes.

To disable filter interactions in Library:

  1. In Dossier Authoring, add a filter to the Filter panel.

  2. Make the selections you want to set in place.

    Even after you enable Disable Interactions in Library you can change your selections in Dossier Authoring.

  3. Next to the filter, click More and choose Disable Interactions in Library.

    If Disable Interactions in Library does not appear to be selected, try clearing your browser cache and/or make sure the corresponding metadata is up to date on the Intelligence server.

  4. Click Save.

Users must reset the dossier to see the disabled filter interaction if the following scenarios are true:

  • If filter manipulations were saved to the bookmark prior to enabling the Disable Interaction in Library setting.

  • If filter manipulations were made to the source dossier of a contextual link prior to enabling the Disable Interaction in Library setting.