Version 2021

React-Based Format Panel

MicroStrategy 2021 Update 3 allows you to create a Format panel using a React-based framework.

Why would I want to use the React based framework to create Format panel?

React is the one of the most innovative frameworks used over the years in web development. This framework uses cutting edge technologies like virtual-dom, scheduler, fiber, hooks, functional component, and so on.

In previous releases, MicroStrategy used the mojo-based framework to build Format panels for custom visualizations. SDK users would extend the mojo class to define a Format panel JavaScript class. However, MicroStrategy has re-factored this process with the latest React framework, creating a modern look and feel for the Format panel.

The new Format panel is based on the React framework and is identical to the Format panel currently shipped out-of-the-box. However, MicroStrategy has also taken existing applications developed using mojo into consideration. Creating a hybrid with an existing application using the React framework is a challenge, so MicroStrategy has implemented the parser layer as a config based library to only define React based config files and callbacks to generate React applications. This way, React can be progressively adopted into the MicroStrategy platform and legacy code retired.

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