Version 2021

Monitor System Activity: Change Journaling

Change journaling is the process of logging information about changes to objects in a project. Change journaling tracks the changes to each object in the system. This makes it easier for administrators to quickly determine when and by whom certain changes were made. For example, reports using a certain metric executed correctly in a test two weeks ago, but no longer execute correctly in this morning's test. The administrator can search the change journal to determine who has made changes to that metric within the last two weeks.

The logged information includes items such as the user who made the change, the date and time of the change, and the type of change (such as saving, copying, or deleting an object). With change journaling, you can keep track of all object changes, from simple user actions such as saving or moving objects to project-wide changes such as project duplication or project merging.

Certain business regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the United States, require detailed records of changes made to a BI system. Change journaling aids in compliance with these regulations.

Beginning with MicroStrategy 10.8, change journaling is enabled by default on all projects in your production environment.