Interface DimtyPromptBean

    • Method Detail

      • getAnswer

        WebDimty getAnswer()
        Returns the answer of the dimty prompt.
        WebDimty collection.
      • clearAnswer

        void clearAnswer()
        Clears the prompt answer.
      • addDimtyUnit

        WebDimtyUnit addDimtyUnit​(int dimtyType)
        Add a dimty unit to the answer based on dimty type.
        dimtyType - - type of dimty unit.
        - added WebDimtyUnit.
      • removeDimtyUnit

        void removeDimtyUnit​(int key)
        Removes a dimty unit from the answer based on the key.
        key - - key of the dimty unit to be removed.
      • getSearchObject

        WebSearch getSearchObject()
        Returns the search object associated with the prompt.
        WebSearch associated with the prompt.
      • getAvailableItemsAsFolder

        FolderBean getAvailableItemsAsFolder()
        Return the available list defined by search or predefined list. This list does not include the "Report Level" dimty unit, which should be also part of available for dimty prompt. You can get the "Report Level" dimty unit by calling getReportLevelDimtyUnit().
        A folder bean, which may include attribute and Hierarchy.