Class FolderTreeTransform

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        protected static final java.lang.String DUMMY_BEAN_NAME
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      • anchorTargetForNonFolderBrowseEvents

        protected FormalParameter anchorTargetForNonFolderBrowseEvents
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      • FolderTreeTransform

        public FolderTreeTransform()
        Class Constructor
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      • initializeTransform

        public void initializeTransform​(Transformable data)

        This method initialize the private and protected fields of the transform, such as width and height. It also invokes the initializeWebComponent, initializeImages and initializeCss methods.

        This method is automatically called from the transform method. Transforms which would like to invoke other methods in this instance directly (for example, to invoke some render methods), need first to call this method to guarantee that the Transform is ready to generate output.
        Specified by:
        initializeTransform in interface AppTransform
        initializeTransform in class AbstractFolderTransform
        data - the bean to transform.
      • addScriptDependencies

        protected void addScriptDependencies()
        Add to the ClientSideHelper associated with this instance the javascript files require to provide interactivity of the tree on the client browser.
      • getRenderEntireTree

        protected boolean getRenderEntireTree()
        Returns true to indicate the tree needs to be rendered entirely. A false value will indicate the current request this is a partial node update.
      • renderTree

        protected void renderTree​(MarkupOutput out,
                                  TreeView tree)
        Adds to the provided MarkupOutput the TreeView gui element
        out - MarkupOutput to write to
        tree - the TreeView object to include in the MarkupOutput
      • populateTreeNodes

        protected void populateTreeNodes​(java.util.List children,
                                         TreeNode parentNode)
        Used to populate the a node from a list of objects.
        children - the list of objects from which new nodes will be created
        parentNode - to parent node where the new nodes will be created
      • suppressObject

        protected boolean suppressObject​(int type)
        Returns true if a particular object type should not be displayed as a tree node else false
        type -
      • traverseBeyondFolder

        protected boolean traverseBeyondFolder​(WebFolder currentFolder,
                                               TreeNode currentNode)
        Returns true if the tree contruction should continue higher up else false. If the tree needs to be shown only upto a particular system folder, this is method can be overridden for such cases.
        currentFolder -
        currentNode -
      • createNewNode

        protected TreeNode createNewNode​(java.lang.Object childObj,
                                         boolean isExpanded)
        Ths methos us used to add a new node to the tree
        childObj - the object being added to the tree
        isExpanded - whether the new node will be expanded or collapsed
      • getSysFolderName

        protected int getSysFolderName​(WebFolder folder)
        Takes a WebFolder object and if it is one of Shared Reports, My Reports or My Objects folders, it returns the corresponding System Folder Name from EnumDSSXMLFolderNames or else returns 0
        folder -
      • getSysFolderDisplayName

        protected java.lang.String getSysFolderDisplayName​(int folderName)
        Given the the FolderName from EnumDSSXMLFolderNames of Shared Reports, My Reports or My Objects, returns the internationalized text string for the same else returns an empty string.
        folderName -
      • constructEntireTree

        protected TreeNode constructEntireTree()
        Constructs the entire tree branch starting from the requested node and going upwards and returns the topmost non-Project node
      • newTreeNode

        protected TreeNode newTreeNode​(WebObjectInfo object)
        Creates and populates a single tree node
      • getID

        public java.lang.String getID()
        When it's an iFrame request, the ID used to render this component needs to be the one of the Tree itself:.
        Specified by:
        getID in interface Transform
        getID in class FolderViewTransform
        the component's unique id
      • renderEmptyList

        public void renderEmptyList​(MarkupOutput out,
                                    WebFolder folder)
        Renders the folder when it has no children. The HTML to render for this case includes only a SPAN HTML tag, with the empty-list corresponding style, displaying the localized descriptor for This folder is empty.
        renderEmptyList in class AbstractFolderTransform
        out - MarkupOutput instance where the transform's output will be saved.
        folder - the WebFolder instance from the FolderBean being transformed.