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    public interface TreeView
    extends GuiElement
    The TreeView GuiElement is designed to create a hierarchical tree that can be dynamically populated using WebEvents.
    It renders an enumeration of TreeNode objects. Each TreeNode contains its display information as well as the event to trigger when the node is selected, or in the case when the node is not a leaf, the event that will retrieve its content.
    Noticed that Events to expand a node will automatically be submitted through the iFrame using javascript.
    All the TreeNode elements will be populated into the rootTreeNode which is the root node that any TreeView will always have.
    The TreeView can be rendered using the renderElement:
    You can set any properties on the main div of the tree view. These could be any name-value pairs set by using the setTreeDivAttribute(String, String) method.
    When using this GuiElement, make sure the links to the following files are included in the final HTML output:
    • javascript/DHTML.js
    • javascript/treev3.js
    • style/mstr/tree.css
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
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        static final java.lang.String TREE_COMPONENT_ID

        ID used by the tree for the content that needs to be updated. Transforms generating content for a Tree iframe request need to use this as their own ID.

        * Value: divTreeWait
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    • Method Detail

      • setRenderRoot

        void setRenderRoot​(boolean renderRoot)
      • setRootTreeNode

        void setRootTreeNode​(TreeNode root)
      • getRootTreeNode

        TreeNode getRootTreeNode()
        Function used to return the root tree node. The TreeBox will iterate though the children of this root node to render the tree.
        The root TreeNode
      • setTreeDivAttribute

        void setTreeDivAttribute​(java.lang.String name,
                                 java.lang.String value)
        Function used for setting Tree properties. You can specify any property to be set on the main tree div using this function.
        name - Name of property
        value - Property's value.
      • setScriptClass

        void setScriptClass​(java.lang.String scriptClass)
        Holds the name of the javaScript class to be associated with the component. When the scriptClass is specified, a bone is registered on the page for this component. A bone is the corresponding concept of a bean in Microstrategy's javascript environment.
        If no scriptClass is specified we will use "mstrTreeViewImpl" as the default scriptClass
        scriptClass - the name of the script class
      • setSubObjectType

        void setSubObjectType​(java.lang.String subObjType)
        Holds the sub object type of the tree if the tree bone is used as a child bone A bone is the corresponding concept of a bean in Microstrategy's javascript environment.
        by defautl the subObjectType of the tree is null so the tree bone itself should be a registered bone
        subObjType - the sub object type to be set
      • addScriptDependency

        void addScriptDependency​(java.lang.String filename,
                                 java.lang.String loadCondition)
        This method adds a script dependency for a bone. Registration of a bone with a script dependency will be held until all script file dependencies have been resolved (loaded). If the user does not specify any script dependency the application will use "mstrTreeViewImpl.js" as the default JavaScript file name and "mstrTreeViewImplScript" the as the default load condition.
        filename - String the name of the script file
        loadCondition - String a JavaScript string that when evaluated (using the eval function) will return true when the file is loaded.
      • setRenderEntireTreeIframeReqNotWithstanding

        void setRenderEntireTreeIframeReqNotWithstanding​(boolean value)
        This method allows the user to specify if he/she wants a criteria other than iframe request to decide whether to render the entire tree or render just the request node. If set to true, the entire tree will be rendered irrespective of whether the request was an iframe request or not. Default value is set to false
        value -
      • getRenderEntireTreeIframeReqNotWithstanding

        boolean getRenderEntireTreeIframeReqNotWithstanding()
        Returns a boolean value that indicates whether a criteria has been set other than iframe request which decides whether the entire tree should be rendered or just the request node
      • setRenderShell

        void setRenderShell​(boolean renderShell)
      • getJSONGenerator

        JsonGenerator getJSONGenerator()
        This allows the user to retrieve the JSONGenerator object on which attribute-value pairs can be set These attribute-value pairs translate to properties on the tree bone tree bone
      • setStyle

        void setStyle​(java.lang.String style)