Version 2021

Minimizing the Impact of Data Changes for Platform Release Upgrades

With each feature release, improvements and enhancements made to the data engine can cause minor changes in the data returned when executing dossiers and documents. The impacts of these changes for customers upgrading from one feature release to the next, MicroStrategy 10.10 to MicroStrategy 10.11 for example, are minimal and can be resolved through typical post-upgrade testing.

For customers migrating from one platform release to the next, MicroStrategy 10.4.x to MicroStrategy 2021 for example, the cumulative effect of the changes can have a large impact on your execution results. To minimize these impacts when performing a platform release upgrade, MicroStrategy Workstation allows you to choose the data engine version for each project in your environment.

If you upgrade from MicroStrategy 2019 or earlier, you may notice the data engine version is 2020 for all projects in your environment following an upgrade to MicroStrategy 2021. Once the metadata upgrade process is completed, the data engine version can be changed to 2021 on a project-by-project basis so that data changes can be identified, evaluated, and resolved while maintaining consistent performance across the rest of the environment. All new projects default to the 2021 data engine version.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021, you can view and modify the Date Engine version via MicroStrategy Developer.

Selecting a Data Engine Version

In Workstation

To select a data engine version, MicroStrategy Workstation must be connected to an environment and you must have Administrator privileges.

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Click Projects to display the projects available in the environment.
  3. Right-click a project and select Properties.
  4. Choose a version in Data Engine Version.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Reload the project with MicroStrategy Developer to apply the changes.

In Developer

  1. Open MicroStrategy Developer.
  2. Right-click a project and select Project Configuration.
  3. In the Select Configuration dialog, go to Project definition > Advanced.
  4. Under Project-Level VLDB Settings, click Configure.

  5. In the VLDB Properties dialog, go to Analytical Engine > Data Engine Version.
  6. In the Data Engine Version field, view and modify the Data Engine version.

  7. Restart the Intelligence server to apply the changes.