Version 2021

Connecting to the Data Warehouse

Once you establish a connection to the metadata, you must create a connection to the data warehouse. This is generally performed during initial software installation and configuration, but it can also be established with the following procedures in Developer:

  • Creating a database instance: A MicroStrategy object created in Developer that represents a connection to the data warehouse. A database instance specifies warehouse connection information such as the data warehouse DSN, Login ID and password, and other data warehouse-specific information. A database instance should have one default database connection with one default database login.
  • Creating a database connection: Specifies the DSN and database login used to access the data warehouse. A database instance designates one database connection as the default connection for MicroStrategy users.
  • Creating a database login: Specifies the user ID and password used to access the data warehouse. The database login overwrites any login information stored in the DSN.
  • User connection mapping: The process of mapping MicroStrategy users to database connections and database logins.

For procedures to connect to the data warehouse, see the Installation and Configuration Help.