MicroStrategy ONE

Configuring the Authentication Mode for a Project Source

You can configure a project source to use a specific authentication mode using the Project Source Manager. By default, project sources use standard authentication (see Implement Standard Authentication).

To Configure the Authentication Mode for a Project Source

  1. In Developer, from the Tools menu, select Project Source Manager.
  2. Select the appropriate project source and click Modify.
  3. On the Advanced tab, select the appropriate option for the default authentication mode that you want to use.
  4. Click OK twice.
  5. If the project source is accessed via MicroStrategy Web or MicroStrategy Office, there are additional steps that must be followed to configure the authentication mode, as follows:
    • To set the authentication mode in MicroStrategy Web, use the MicroStrategy Web Administrator's Default Server Properties page.
    • To set the authentication mode in MicroStrategy Office, use the projectsources.xml file. For detailed instructions, see Determining How Users Log Into MIcroStrategy Office in the legacy MicroStrategy Office User Guide.
    • This information applies to the legacy MicroStrategy Office add-in, the add‑in for Microsoft Office applications which is no longer actively developed.

      It was substituted with a new add‑in, MicroStrategy for Office, which supports Office 365 applications. The initial version does not yet have all the functionalities of the previous add‑in.

      If you are using MicroStrategy 2021 Update 2 or a later version, the legacy MicroStrategy Office add-in cannot be installed from Web.;

      For more information, see the MicroStrategy for Office page in the Readme and the MicroStrategy for Office Help.